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Work with our Services team to design, deliver and manage unique aspects of your solution.


Solid Architecture leads the way to flexibility, availability and scalability. Throw in security, add in performance and top it off with cost control for strong foundations to power your growth. Piksel’s Architecture services can support you with many areas of Architecture; Software, Infrastructure, Systems Integration, Networking, and Security. Together, we can create the groundwork you need to turn your ideas into reality.


Cloud transformation

Cloud provides the technology foundation to quickly and cost effectively scale your business, no matter the size and shape. With zero upfront investment, you’ll gain immediate access to infrastructure and a serverless system, giving you the power to experiment and innovate at speed. Our Cloud transformation services provides the expertise and the means to choose and implement the most effective Cloud adoption strategy, giving you the technology edge you need to compete.



Your business, your technology and your workflows are unique. We appreciate that means sometimes, unique capabilities or systems integrations are needed. Piksel have over 20 years of experience tailoring solutions for the Broadcast and Media industry. We can help with everything from integrating Products or Cloud services to designing and developing core capabilities. We can provide the skills so you don’t have to.


Service reliability

Once you are live, the journey has just begun. As systems do not run themselves, Piksel will ensure your systems remain secure, available and performing efficiently, giving you one less thing to worry about. We apply the numerous core tenants of Service Reliability and can integrate with your existing teams and processes to provide the right services for any given system.


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