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The advantages that Cloud provides are well publicised. No longer do organisations need to plan, invest in, build out and support their own data-centre footprint. Rather, via Infrastructure as code, modern deployment pipelines and automatic scaling, the equivalent footprint can be spun up and down in minutes. Furthermore, Serverless abstractions push the barrier further to a place where businesses just need to create and manage their application logic. Cloud platforms, frameworks and technologies provide the technology foundation on which organisations can experiment, innovate and grow, all with an acute eye on costs to drive ROI.

However, for every successful Cloud initiative, you will find two failures. Cloud Ecosystems are immense and with a little knowledge you can get a long way, but you might inadvertently create a major set of problems and unknown ‘technical debt’. This is where Piksel can help. At Piksel we have been running and providing private cloud environments to customers for over 10 years. In tandem we have also been using the behemoth Cloud platforms to deliver both our own services as well as many of our clients’.

We can help with:

Cloud governance and estate management

Cloud migration and transformation

Cloud native design and development

Cloud architecture

Customer story:
Liberty Global OESP cloud migration

Liberty Global OESP system sits at the core of their multi-country Online Video platform. As the service expanded globally and with richer capabilities, the advantages of a Cloud deployment became apparent. The Piksel services team planned and delivered the migration to AWS.


The OESP Global expansion meant that the system outgrew its private hosting infrastructure. Liberty required geo-redundancy, fast and efficient scaling and a reduction in capital expenditure.


As an AWS certified expert Partner, we provided a multi-skilled services team to architect, design, plan and implement the migration to AWS. This encompassed a multi-region approach with automated build and deploy pipelines to provide cost efficient scaling for peak loads, high availability and global delivery for their global audience.


The migration was delivered within planned budget and with zero downtime for Liberty’s audience. The Cloud system supports their long-term growth as well providing efficiencies around localised capacity peaks from a global audience. The geo-redundant implementation has significantly reduced outages as well as providing enhanced user experience.

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