Where your unique business needs a unique solution. From a quick proof of concept to a complex system integration, we can help.

Our teams are passionate about designing and building systems, whether large or small. From a simple capability delivered by a few lines of serverless code to a complex platform implemented using future proof best practice, we can help.

The plethora of languages, toolsets, frameworks and patterns around today is immense. This can make choosing the appropriate design and stack for a given task daunting. Whilst we can’t say we cover them all, we do have the breadth and the knowledge to make solid decisions for you. Whether you need a proof of concept building, are looking for team augmentation or simply do not wish to be in the software and infrastructure business, we can provide a service to meet your design and coding needs.

Design and coding is not only about features, our Engineering services also encompass Service Reliability , providing a full DevOps model for our customer where required.

Just a few of the things we’re designing and coding as you read this…

Infrastructure as code to automate cloud deployments, scalability and access controls

Systems integration code to orchestrate activity between products and services

Lightweight serverless implementations to utilise the power and efficiency of the Cloud

Microservice implementations to create scalable and secure common capabilities

Workflows to orchestrate business and technical processes

Direct to consumer offerings across multiple platforms

Customer story:
Discovery PALM

The PALM platform now sits at the heart of Discovery Communications global content localisation workflow. However when Piksel were engaged the initiative was at significant risk of failure.


The PALM initiative had been outsourced and the supplier was failing to meet both its schedule or quality goals. It was apparent to Discovery that radical changes were required to turn around the project.


We provided a time-boxed Architecture and design review, providing in-depth technical feedback and recommendations to Discovery. A roadmap and plan to go live gave stakeholders confidence and this was successfully delivered by a cross-functional team from Piksel.


The System is live across multiple regions and sits at the centre of all Discovery internationalisation operations. Through increased automation it has enabled Discovery to handle their increasing volume of global content delivery at scale. Piksel provides ongoing Engineering and Service Reliability services for PALM.

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