Service reliability

Once you are live, the journey has just begun. Our Services cover all the elements you need for successful long term operations.

If you are serious about your investment, service reliability starts at the architecture phase and continues right up until system retirement. We should all know by now the ‘throw it over the wall to the sysadmins’ strategy has proven to be inefficient and un-scalable. By working directly in the architecture phase and through development, the team will build automation into each facet of the system and so provide the basis for efficient service reliability. In live operations the team is responsible for many aspects that are key to a successful long-term operation for your system.

Piksel’s teams are well versed in supporting and working with diverse development teams and also in integrating to our clients service reliability processes and frameworks. This area should not be seen as overkill, even for small systems. The SR function scales up and down very well; even small, stable, simple systems can and should be covered by this service.

Whether you’re in need of architecture firepower or would just like an external review to ease your mind, we can provide experts to ensure you lay a solid foundation for your services.

We can help with:



Capacity planning



Emergency response

Change management

Customer story:
Channel 4 Cloud governance

“Through the Piksel service we have the confidence to onboard more services within our cloud estate, knowing that usage is being monitored and giving us ability to corporately enforce best practice.” Declan Toman, Channel 4 Operations Manager


As an Early AWS adopter, Channel 4’s Cloud estate had become overly complex across numerous business units with no standards or policies and a lack of consistency to enable controls and optimisations in their Cloud usage.


We implemented our Cloud Governance Service to provide a comprehensive cloud management solution. This enabled C4 to manage costs, drive efficiencies, improve governance, automate actions, and mitigate security risks across cloud environments.


Greater and consistent visibility in Cloud usage, with real time cost alerting, driving cost savings through consolidation and waste reduction. This has ensured all Cloud services comply with Channel 4 policies and Cloud best practice. As a result Channel 4 increased viewers by 26% with no overall Cloud spend increase.

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