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Reaching and growing an audience is an ongoing challenge in an increasingly saturated and competitive market. Digital Enterprise™ is an online video platform that enables organisations to quickly and effectively distribute and manage their video content in one place. Delivering over 40,000 live events a year and monitored 24/7 from our state of the art Live Streaming and monitoring centre in Atlanta, Digital Enterprise™ enables the secure management of video content, automation of workflows and distribution and monetisation of content from a single, unified admin console.

Manage your video content securely

  • Ingest, transcode, package and store your assets, ready to be dynamically delivered
  • Manage metadata to improve back-office organisation, automation, and search experiences
  • Use our powerful Piksel Analytics to monitor and analyse the performance of your content
  • Security features and role-based platform access secure content inside your organization and out.

Automate your workflows

  • Deliver video content to multiple destinations automatically
  • Customise rules for publishing workflows
  • Full API catalogue to automate or integrate into 3rd party systems

Monetise your content

  • AVOD – supporting pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll advertisements. VAST and VPAID compliant
  • TVOD – enable pay-per-view experiences on your video content and live events


  • Live stream any eventEnd
  • End-to-end Live Streaming solution
  • Easily stream live one-time and recurring events or linear channels
  • Scale with audiences of only few to millions with no worry
  • Piksel handles over 40,000 live events a year, monitored 24/7 from our state of the art Live Streaming and monitoring centre in Atlanta



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Other Features


Delivering digital video can be challenging. In a world where there are so many sources of content it can be hard to find a sweet spot to meet user’s expectations of experience, while still deploying a platform that is easy to manage, flexible and powerful enough to give you complete control over your content, and ultimately align with your business model. Hive addresses the technical aspect of this challenge by giving you all the tools you need to deploy a platform and deliver online video straight out of the box.



Live Streaming

Our live streaming is an end-to-end solution that enables you to deliver your services to a live audience anywhere in the world, at the quality that your audience expects. We deliver tens-of-thousands of live events each year for various organisations and have what it takes to provide mission-critical, audience-reaching service.


Apps - for Mobile, Roku and Apple TV

Deepen your reach by streaming content to every viewer. With our mobile, Roku or Apple TV apps you can share live or on-demand services so your viewers can still engage with you whether at home or on the go.


Digital Signage

Digital signage keeps your organisation engaged and informed while your within the four walls of your buildings. Share services live, provide live updates on church news, social events, traffic, and weather. Manage many screens across multiple sites with localized content and centralized control and branding.


Multi-Site DVR

Your communications provide chances for your audience to be informed and  engage with you. With our Point- to-Point DVR solution, you can host a seamless broadcast from your offices to any remote location without lag, synchronizing the live broadcast to fit flawlessly within a natural flow of events.


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