Digital Signage is a solution that can help to simplify your internal communications while amplifying their effectiveness. With over 25 years delivering signage solutions, we can demonstrate how to easily and efficiently combine your digital media assets with social feeds and other company news, to create a compelling internal TV channel that carries the unique voice of your brand. Digital Signage will help you motivate, train and enhance your connection with your workforce, enabling you to grow employee loyalty, engagement, pride and well-being, while encouraging them to help promote your business, lower turnover and in the end, raise productivity.

Digital Signage is a “full web” signage solution, deployed in the cloud or installable on site, allowing you to simplify your internal and/or external communications while improving efficiency. It also enables you to streamline the process of combining digital media assets with social strategy and advertising, providing the opportunity to create a compelling in-house ‘TV channel’ that communicates your message and brand values across the company. Communication managers are able to deploy this tool to reach a larger number of employees across your organisation.


Powerful Media Library

The central hub for managing and organising your content, the Media Library houses all uploaded media, PowerPoint, videos, PDF, templates, even Flash content, as well as all the media generated from available templates. It’s templated UI (which can be custom or pre-made) is easy to modify, enabling you to quickly and make changes to content within the Media Library.

Dynamic Content

Digital Signage enables businesses to customize predefined graphical layouts using background images, video, logos, banner drop downs or graphical elements like clocks, without limitation on the number of superimposed elements.

Customisable Dashboard

After the connection to the Digital Signage console, the dashboard is fully customisable and contains all the documentation and quick access to work modules needed, as well as space for favourite content and unpublished playlists.

Live Video Stream Management

Our media players are capable of running live video streaming for a range of corporate events (CEO speeches, all hands broadcasts, etc).

Web TV

With our WebTV module, you can grow your target audience and enrich your intranet with the content you create through Digital Signage. The WebTV module allows you to easily create a player that can be deployed on your intranet, enabling you to display your screen network content directly. This means your internal communication can be centralised, regardless of the broadcast medium.

Secure Internet

Our media-players support HTTPS for communication, while users can access the Console by user ID and password. Further password policies can be implemented for further security if needed. Connections can be further secured by utilising IP filtering on the media-players.

Customisable User Roles

Create specific and customisable administrative roles by specifying the features available for each user.

Optimised scheduling

Digital Signage offers a flexible way of programming Playlists and Programs, enabling the sequenced playout of content.

Control and Content Moderation

An optional moderation system enables moderators to control content uploaded or created by contributors. Alerts are sent by email to moderators and publication and broadcast of this content can then be approved or denied.

Integrated Room Booking Module

This optional module is specially designed for the management of room booking, enabling the automated display of reservations on guidance screens or room entrance screens.

External Feed Integration

Digital Signage allows you to create rich media content by automatically including external feeds. For example, you can add real time traffic information, weather forecasts or last breaking news into your information flow.

Emergency Message Management

The ability to display emergency messages on an ad hoc basis.

Language Management

Create a content in multiple languages and the correct language content will be displayed based on the location of the player.

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