Video providers today face a challenge – how to deliver the best customer experiences across devices quickly while complex to manage metadata is silo’d across the organisation. Fuse Metadata enables our customers to manage complex editorial workflows and consolidate their metadata into a single, coherent, low latency dataset, with the ability to create further deeper, content specific metadata, enhanced by augmentations from third parties like IMDB to facilitate a better discovery experience.

Organise your back office

  • Ingest metadata from multiple sources into a single, coherent dataset using configurable rules
  • High performance distributed processing for large scale ingest
  • Easily transition metadata across back office silos with no loss of information

Improved matching & aggregation features

  • ID normalisation which can link, merge and enrich content
  • Deduplication of metadata enables single item presentation
  • Automatic matching with 95% accuracy (other 5% flagged for review)

Enhance quality of experience

  • Create an organised and complete metadata catalogue
  • Flexible, extensible metadata model that supports linear and digital metadata types
  • Decoupled from, but fully accessible to existing systems

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