Manual syndication of content is currently slow and resource intensive. Fuse Publisher gives broadcasters and content owners the ability to automatically syndicate their content to a defined set of end points and distributors, greatly reducing cost, time and effort, while increasing scalability, flexibility and predictability of delivery.

Supply chains today are siloed – systems resources and manual processes are tied to each silo, preventing broader transformations to the digital supply chains. Fuse Publisher gives broadcasters the ability to get content from their broadcast workflow out to multiple digital headends within minutes of transmission, bypassing the challenge of siloed workflows and bringing analogue and digital sides of the business together.

Move at the speed the business requires

  • Faster post transmission delivery
  • Enables transformation to a digital supply chain
  • Defined distribution profiles for publish endpoints available

Future facing

  • Cloud native
  • Flexible for different output formats and extensible for new distributors
  • Usage based cost, lower operational cost

Flexible system that works for you

  • Encode, ingress/egress handled by Piksel or existing system
  • Increase viewership and revenue potential by maximising C3/C7 ad value while lowering latency
  • End to end solution removes the need to outsource

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