Fuse IQ is a suite of machine learning services that helps the Broadcast & Media industry analyse and prepare content for distribution. It reduces post-production costs and gets content to market faster by automating labour intensive, time consuming tasks.

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How it works

Key benefits

Modernise production workflows

Fuse IQ brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to the post-production process by automating repetitive, time consuming tasks. There are two areas we currently help with: replacement of text overlays and adding perceptual hashing. However, there’s endless scope for the application of Fuse IQ to achieve your goals.

Faster time to market for your content

Fuse IQ can analyse video content around 80%* faster than a human. That means you can get your content distributed to the market, and in front of viewers, faster than ever before.

*Based on data from our customers comparing traditional TVR workflow to Fuse IQ driven workflow.

Save money

By automating more trivial tasks, you can cut back on costs associated with editing suites and expensive producer edits by up to 80%*. Manage your resources better by using skilled resource for higher value tasks instead.

*Based on data from our customers comparing traditional TVR workflow to Fuse IQ driven workflow.

No new hardware investment needed

Fuse IQ functionality is managed via a cloud hosted API, so no interface is required. You simply send your video to the Fuse IQ API, we analyse it and you get an Edit Decision List back.

Built specifically for Broadcast and Media

There are plenty of AI and machine learning tools out there, but they can often show false positives or are too generic to apply to your workflows. Fuse IQ has been built as a direct response to Broadcast & Media industry requirements, in collaboration with customers experiencing similar challenges to you.

Flexible pricing model

Fuse IQ operates on a usage based model on a pay per minute basis. There is no significant up-front investment and no significant commitment.

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