We’ve taken 20 years of experience digitally transforming Broadcast and Media organisations and built it into our products. Created to solve industry-specific problems, use them to optimise your organisation quickly and cost effectively.

Piksel products

Piksel microservices

For those that need something more bespoke. The Piksel Palette is our cloud native microservices platform that helps you get results fast, cost effectively and safely. It sits at the heart of what we do at Piksel, whether it’s as microservices bundled together to form one of our Piksel products, or used as a foundation to build your tailored solution.

The Piksel Palette is made up of small, independent services to provide maximum flexibility. Each service can be scaled and deployed separately, or you can use them together to create a complex, large scale application. Bespoke requirements and integrations can then be added to create your perfect solution. Use microservices to deliver projects faster, reduce their cost and improve the agility of your organisation.


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