Video providers today face a challenge – how to deliver the best customer experiences across devices quickly while complex to manage metadata is silo’d across the organisation. Fuse Metadata enables our customers to manage complex editorial workflows and consolidate their metadata into a single, coherent, low latency dataset, with the ability to create further deeper, content specific metadata, enhanced by augmentations from third parties like IMDB to facilitate a better discovery experience.

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Manual syndication of content is currently slow and resource intensive. Fuse Publisher gives broadcasters and content owners the ability to automatically syndicate their content to a defined set of end points and distributors, greatly reducing cost, time and effort, while increasing scalability, flexibility and predictability of delivery.

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From greenfield prospects to the evolution of an established platform, launching or modernising an OTT service presents significant challenges. Digital Showcase smooths this potentially difficult transition by delivering the feature focused modules customers need. Use all modules for a greenfield project, or integrate a few with legacy systems with the modules you need integrated.

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The Piksel Palette™ micro services architecture underpins all of Piksel’s products and solutions, enabling us to deploy responsive, tailored solutions that are at the forefront of the industry, including direct to consumer OTT services.

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Reaching and growing an audience is an ongoing challenge in an increasingly saturated and competitive market. Digital Enterprise™ in an online video platform that enables organisations to quickly and effectively distribute and manage their video content in one place. Piksel handles over 40,000 live events a year, monitored 24/7 from our state of the art Live Streaming and monitoring centre in Atlanta.

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Why Piksel?

We understand business needs and requirements and develop advanced technology solutions to solve the complex technology challenges facing our clients. The Piksel Palette™ micro services architecture, enables us to deliver agile products and tailored solutions that meet challenges of delivering OTT services to reach current and new customers, reducing cost, increasing reach and speeding time to market, and broadcast and on demand workflows across analogue and digital sides of the business for better delivery.

Our core products – Fuse Metadata Manager, Digital Showcase, Digital Enterprise™ and Fuse Publisher – combined with our bespoke software, managed services and flexible business model enable us to deliver flexible solutions quickly, and cost-effectively tailored to your specifications.


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