The Piksel Palette™ micro services architecture underpins all of Piksel’s products and solutions, enabling us to deploy responsive, tailored solutions that are at the forefront of the industry, including direct to consumer OTT services.

Built as a cloud native architecture, the Piksel Palette™ enables businesses to position themselves for the future. The suite of functional modules enables incremental steps towards the long-term goal of taking full advantage of the cloud, replacing and improving functionality at the speed that suits the business. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and the Piksel Palette (TM) delivers on that understanding.

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The Future of Digital Transformation is Limitless

As we reach the end of this series of blogs that lead us into IBC, we’ve talked around the concept of making TV whole again – that is, bringing the analogue and digital spheres of your business together. We’ve discussed how sidelining silos can enable transformations to your backend processes that make things like metadata transferable between the different spheres of your business, giving your greater flexibility of content, while reducing operational overhead. We...

The Cost of Digital Transformation Doesn’t Need to Be a Killer

There is an old, tired adage in the online video business – content is king. It’s a phrase heard so many times over the past several years that it’s gone through mere cliché and almost had a renaissance. There’s a reason for this though – as overused as it may have been, it is true. The thing that attracts an audience, first and foremost, to...

Customer Experience Transformations

In the first two posts in this blog series, we have discussed how digital transformations can fundamentally reshape a business. We looked at how transforming a workflow process, like metadata, that persists across broadcast and digital spheres can create entirely new operational efficiencies, while also dramatically improving the quality of back end systems.